1. She thanked ________ so kind.

2. I forgot to ________ him to buy some bread.

3. I read an interesting ________ in a newspaper about farming today.

4. We all ________ him good luck when he decided to emigrate.

5. Janet and Joe seem to get ________ very well together.

6. Several prisoners ________ from their guards and escaped.

7. The students ________ their classes about eight o’clock.

8. A cold wind ________ for the last three days.

9. I ________ this letter around for days and haven’t even looked at it.

10. The opera premiere was attended by ________.

11. He ________ being given a receipt for the bill he had paid.

12. When I telephoned the headmaster, his secretary told me to ________ on as he was talking to someone else.

13. Then, all of a ________ there was an explosion and the lights went out.

14. Good parents should ________ for their children.

15. When the house is not occupied, it is ________.

16. I ________ swim in this river when I was young.

17. My mother got home ________ ago.

18. Give me the message to ________ is at the desk!

19. In a week’s time you ________ in Boston for a year.

20. – Are you leaving? – Yes, but I wish I ________ to go.