1. When the soldiers were on the march, there was one man who was always out of ________ with the rest.

2. It is not ________ for you to eat too much.

3. Can this be the little girl ________ hair I used to stroke?

4. The reason I left is ________ I was bored.

5. You’re ________ who noticed that.

6. We heard her ________ to her little brother.

7. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them ________ every night this week.

8. Almost everyone fails ________ the driver’s test on the first try.

9. Jane always asks my sister and ________ for advice.

10. I made a big mistake but nobody noticed and I got ________ it.

11. I’d be careful in my dealings with her. I’m sure she’s up to no ________.

12. Alan Clarke was an interesting man but sometimes he was a bit economical with the ________.

13. Try not be too impatient ________ him.

14. “I will succeed, with ________ help from my friends”, he said.

15. “The ________ response I got from her really drove me crazy”, he sighed.

16. Some authors are too ________ to critisism.

17. After a lot of difficulties, he ________ to open the door.

18. – Do you want to wait? – Two weeks ________ too long for me to wait.

19. She did six hours’ ________ studying a day for the exam.

20. ________ terrible weather!