1. I couldn’t do question 6, so I ________ it out.

2. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow; I ________ go at once.

3. The old man was very fond ________ telling stories.

4. I am tired ________ grammar exercises.

5. I am ________ this essay right now.

6. Don’t let him ________ it.

7. How long ________ French?

8. Al’s doctor insists ________ for a few days.

9. You ________ your seats today if you want to go to the game.

10. After he had researched and ________ his paper, he found some additional material that he should have included.

11. The new champion, ________, took over the dining room.

12. The three friends all ________ for the same job.

13. I knew him ________ I was child.

14. The sergeant’s orders were perfectly ________.

15. The Director has just gone on his ________ leave. He gets four weeks’ holiday a year and he is taking it all at the same time. So if you wish to see him, come back in a month’s time.

16. Before the invention of refrigeration, the ________ of fish and meat was a problem.

17. My brother did not go to school yesterday. Neither ________.

18. He ________ for a job for some weeks but he has not found one.

19. The firm went bankrupt and their shares became ________.

20. The ascent of the mountain is ________, but anyone who makes it to the top is rewarded by a spectacular view.