Trình độ B – Bài 15

1. The bridge goes ________ the river.

2. Tell me the reason ________ you said that.

3. I shall be working late ________ office this evening.

4. Bill has ________ his job and gone back to college.

5. I don’t think he would mind ________ there with me.

6. This is the woman ________ the artist said posed as a model for the painting.

7. Sending ________ “special delivery” costs about fifteen times as much as sending it “regular delivery”.

8. I was just ________ to go out when you telephoned.

9. The dentist told him to open his mouth ________.

10. You will spend at least one year working abroad ________ you can find out how things operate overseas.

11. The young girl carefully ________ left and right before crossing the road.

12. You really can’t ________ a thing that woman says!

13. His house is nothing out of the ________; it’s just an average four-room house.

14. Fortunately, Boston’s traditional swanboat rides provide ________ from the city’s summer heat.

15. ________ people can live without any money.

16. In ________ cases it is clear who it is that is responsible for a marriage break-up.

17. When their mother died, the children were ________ by their Aunt Mary.

18. I intended to write to you several times, but something was always ________.

19. He wants to go there and she ________.

20. I should like to become a ________ of your club.