1. Betty walked ________ the room.

2. We are very proud ________ our son’s success.

3. ________ what he says, he wasn’t even there when the crime was committed.

4. He ________ this kind of music at all.

5. Who ________ this window? It’s so cold here.

6. Kate’s ________ her sister.

7. A new motorway ________ here next year.

8. He ________ on the bank fishing when he ________ a man’s hat floating down the river.

9. I ________ the flowers yesterday morning.

10. Tito was the only foreigner ________ I saw at the convention.

11. The assignment for Monday was to read ________ in your textbooks.

12. My English is far from perfect but I know enough to get ________.

13. The police finally arrested the ________ criminal.

14. Jeremy Hall, the noted architect, received honorable mention for ________ design.

15. There is ________ doubt that Annemie’s team will win the quiz.

16. The national ________ is the national song of the country.

17. We found the trip to Europe ________.

18. These shoes are ________.

19. It’s often better to ________ safe in exams than to give an original answer.

20. Unless we ________ our water resources, there may come a time when our supplies of clean water are completely exhausted.