1. This young tree could not have been damaged by accident: I believe it was done ________.

2. I’m afraid I’ve got ________ my doctor today.

3. I’d ________ the operation unless it is absolutely necessary.

4. The brakes need ________.

5. If it ________ rain, we’ll have the party outside.

6. A few of ________ are planning to drive to Florida during spring break.

7. Please go to ________ to pick up your ID card.

8. It is a beautiful car, but it is not ________ the price that I paid for it.

9. I don’t think he’ll ever ________ the shock of his wife’s death.

10. The child hurt himself badly when he fell ________ the bedroom window.

11. He ________ me to buy my air ticket immediately or it would be too late.

12. He got out of bed and took a few ________ but couldn’t go any farther.

13. His performance was ________; the audience was delighted.

14. I’m sure I’ll find a way of getting ________ their objections.

15. The High Street is so narrow that the Council have decided to ________ it.

16. A box in which a dead person is buried is a ________.

17. Most of us like ________ to the see in summer.

18. I ________ the hot weather in Thailand.

19. – It’s ________ a nice day ________ we should do something. – Then, let’s go out swimming.

20. The firm went bankrupt and their shares became ________.