1. Those students do not like to read novels________test books.

2. The new professor would have been easier to understand if he ________ some examples on the board.

3. Julie ________ to take part in the seminar after all.

4. The professor said that ________.

5. There has not been a great response to the sale, ________?

6. As a safety precaution, all city cabdrivers carry only enough money to make change for a ________ bill.

7. ________ to use pigeons for observation purposes on sea-rescue missions.

8. ________ the news from war zones is inevitably censored.

9. ________, the nation’s capital remained in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

10. People all over the world are starving ________.

11. ________ growing awareness of social ills, Edna Saint Vincent Millay wrote increasingly more somber poetry during her later years.

12. ________ fuel that is used today is a chemical form of solar energy.

13. Blue-green algae are found ________ there is ample moisture.

14. Valley Forge National Park commemorates the time that Washington ________ in Valley Forge with his troops.

15. Efforts to provide equal opportunity for minorities in the United States ________ from the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

16. In practice, setting up a chain of command in a business can be a very complicated task, ________ it involves the interaction of real human beings.

17. Over the past several decades, radio telescopes ________ of the universe from the one disclosed by ordinary telescopes.

18. Copper tubing is the preferred choice of plumbers ________ noncorrosive.

19. ________ when a person doesn’t eat enough fruit and vegetables.

20. There are now ________ methods for studying color vision in infants than there once were.