1. The cyclist ________ he crossed the main street.

2. Although dissimilar in almost every other respect, birds and insects have both evolved efficient ________ capabilities.

3. Elizabeth arrived with ________ beautiful creature that looked like a small tiger.

4. Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for ________.

5. Having been served lunch, ________.

6. Florida has not yet ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, and ________.

7. Weathering ________ the action whereby surface rock is disintegrated or decomposed.

8. Although Margaret Mead had several assistants during her long investigations of Samoa, the bulk of the research was done by ________ alone.

9. Generic medications are just as ________, and much less expensive.

10. ________ professional baseball is played, the more certain it becomes that Walter Johnson’s shut-out record will never be beaten.

11. Just off the Massachusetts coast ________ a, popular summer resort area.

12. Benjamin West contributed a great deal to American art: ________.

13. ________ in the cultivation of a forest, trees need more careful planning than any other crop does.

14. The Copper Age lasted ________, after which bronze was introduced.

15. The vegetation in temperate zones all around the world is ________ .

16. Oil paints are ________ they have become the most popular painter’s colors.

17. ________ on clear days one can see the snowcap of Mount Rainier from Seattle.

18. Hydrogen peroxide ________ as a bleaching agent because it effectively whitens a variety of fibers and surfaces.

19. The first nuclear-powered ship in the world, “The Nautilus,” ________ by the U.S. Navy in 1954.

20. ________ to develop immunity to rheumatic fever.