1. A vacuum will neither conduct heat nor ________.

2. Ernest Hemingway is ________ of modern fiction.

3. Your new car ________ as well as speedy.

4. A major problem in the construction of new buildings ________.

5. ________ received law degrees as today.

6. Many embarrassing situations occur ________ a misunderstanding.

7. Put plants ________ a window so that they will get enough light.

8. A computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance ________ its capacity to store information.

9. ________ is no way to tell the exact number of heroin addicts in the United States.

10. Today’s typewriter keyboard is ________ Shole’s 1867 keyboard.

11. Spectrographs ________ possible for phoneticians to analyze the human voice and its speech qualities.

12. The seed heads of teasel plants raise the nap on coarse tweed cloth ________ than do the machine tools invented to replace them.

13. It is generally believed that an M.B.A. degree is good preparation for a career in ________.

14. Like humans, zoo animals must have a dentist ________ their teeth.

15. Thor Heyerdahl, accompanied by the crew of the “Kon Tiki”, ________ in order to provehis theories of cultural diffusion.

16. Psychologists believe that incentives ________ to increase our productivity.

17. The blue whale is ________ known animal, reaching a length of more than one hundred feet.

18. Strauss finished ________ two of his published compositions before his tenth birthday.

19. A dividend is ________ the only benefit a corporation can offer its shareholders.

20. Deserts produce less than 0.5 grams of plant growth ________ from every square yard.