I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

It is easy to meet and make friends if you understand, and use, their names. Listen and repeat some popular boy and girl names:

  • Boys Names: Aaron, Adam, Andrew, Brandon, Brian, Chad, Charles, Christopher, Daniel, David, Derek, Dustin, Eric, Jacob, John, Joseph, Joshua, Justin, Kevin, Mark, Matthew, Michael, Nathan, Paul, Richard, Robert, Ryan, Scott, Shawn, Stephen, Thomas, Timothy, Travis, William
  • Girls Names: Amanda, Amber, Amy, Andrea, Angela, April, Ashley, Christina, Courtney, Crystal, Danielle, Emily, Erica, Erin, Heather Jamie, Jennifer, Jessica, Julie, Katherine, Katie, Kelly, Kimberly, Kristin, Laura, Lauren, Lisa, Maria, Mary, Megan, Melissa, Michelle, Nicole, Rachel, Sara (Sarah), Shannon, Stephanie, Tara, Tiffany

II. Listening Exercises [Top]

Listen by pressing the “Play Audio” button. Then, select the correct answer for each sentence, which may be missing one or more words. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.

1. Hi. My name’s ______________.

A. Josh

B. Jacob

C. Jared
2. I want you to meet my sister, _____________.

A. Tammy

B. Candy

C. Amy

3. All of my friends call me __________.

A. Nick

B. Mike

C. Matt

4. The teacher’s name is ____________ Smith.

A. Dennis

B. Douglas

C. Daniel

5. __________________ is sixteen years old.

A. Amanda

B. Alisa

C. Alex

6. Do you know ___________________?

A. Pat

B Peter

C. Paul

7. ___________________________ on Friday.

A. Natalia’s

B. Nicole’s

C. Nancy’s

8. Is your ________________. _____________ remember.

A. Russel

B. Randall

C. Richard

9. __________________ in Los Angeles but she __________________.

A. Laura

B. Lisa

C. Lauren

10. ____________________________________________.

A. Ted

B. Tim

C. Todd

Score =
Correct answers:

  1. Hi. My name’s Josh.
  2. I want you to meet my sister, Amy.
  3. All of my friends call me Mike.
  4. The teacher’s name is Daniel Smith.
  5. Amanda is sixteen years old.
  6. Do you know where Paul is?
  7. Nicole’s birthday is on Friday.
  8. Is your roommate’s name Randall? I can’t remember.
  9. Lauren was born in Los Angeles but she grew up in Texas.
  10. Before he graduated from college, Ted traveled around Europe for three weeks.
III. Post-Listening Exercises [Top]

Introduce yourself to a partner and find out the names of the people in his or her family. Do any of their names have any special meaning in their native languages? Use the Internet and search under “baby names” or other similar keywords to help you.