1. Lend me 20 $, please, John. I’m ________ at the moment.

2. I haven’t had an accident yet but I had a number of ________ shaves.

3. I’ve heard that argument before and quite frankly it just doesn’t ________!

4. I don’t like turning down work, but I’ll have to, I’m afraid. I’ve got far too much ________ at the moment.

5. Unfortunately, somebody spoke to a reporter, and the whole thing ________.

6. He waited in the ________ for the front door to open.

7. A child will ________ half an hour of your complete attention.

8. Driving with ________ brakes endangers not only yourself but also all other road users you encounter.

9. From his palace, this subtle and abstemious man ________ an immense power.

10. The new safety regulations were agreed on after ________ with the work-force.

11. When I learned that I had passed the examination I felt ________ and relaxed.

12. The old house had low ceilings supported by thick wooden ________.

13. If you put too many potatoes in that bag, it will ________.

14. The Minister declared that a further period of pay ________ was essential during the present economic crisis.

15. There are some interesting old ________ on the tombstones in St Mary’s churchyard.

16. Everything possible was done to ________ the suffering of the wounded soldiers.

17. That unfortunate woman was ________ to insults from all her fellow workers.

18. The witness told many lies in court and so committed ________.

19. Peter tells me he is ________ the Queen’s horse in the Derby.

20. The new trainee had been very slack in his work, and was told to ________ or he would be out of a job.